I’d like to SHARE with you some of the feedback I have received from those who have read my book, Willow-Mia Pig, 1 in 100 Million.

Just received Willow-Mia Pig!!

A beautiful book and a great story! Thank you for writing such a touching story. The illustrations are equally wonderful!

I also am a fan of Wayne Pacelle and the Humane Society. Have learned so much(unfortunately) about animal abuse and cruelty!! Never knew!! Thank goodness for the internet and this new technology!!!


PS. The book is for my youngest granddaughter

I just LOVE the book! You and Mollie even look alike, which is very cool. And it makes me eager to go meet Willow-Mia in person and bring her some treats. You've done a very wonderful thing.

I'm going to keep my copy in the waiting room so people can see it - unless you don't want me to. I also have some friends I'm going to check with about possibly displaying it in their waiting rooms. One's a therapist - the other two are veterinarians so all would be good for spreading the word.

This is just so, so COOL!

Give Willow-Mia a huge hug for me, ok?


I just received your book, and I read and adored it cover to cover. What a wonderful creation - the beautiful story, the illustrations, the sadness and the humor. Thank you.


You may have a compliment about my story that you would like to send along to me. You may also have a pet yourself, and if you do, please email me and let me know all about your pet. I snortle with delight every time I hear a good pet story. It just warms my heart to know that other pets have happy endings, like me and my story. Thanks for coming to my website, and I hope to hear from you real soon.

Sending big snortles,

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