Children's Book

You will love Willow-Mia Pig and you will love Mollie. Willow-Mia Pig is not just any pig. She is very special. She takes you on an amazing adventure. As you travel with her, thanks to a very big-hearted woman named Mollie you will learn that pigs are smart, caring, and very social animals that can become very attached to people if given the chance. Willow-Mia Pig gives readers a whole new appreciation of the importance of treating animals with kindness. Willow-Mia Pig feels very lucky to be “1 in 100 million” and she hopes that when it comes to animals, you, too, will "dare to care." 

“I felt as if my insides were glowing in the dark, as if someone had climbed in and put a string of twinkling lights inside my little body. I was in pig heaven.” 

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