Nancy A. Bolanis grew up in Stamford and New Caanan, Connecticut, and as a young girl had a deep love of animals.  Her caring spirit led her to the medical profession and she is currently in private practice at a hospital in a suburb outside of Boston, Massachusetts.  In spite of her very busy practice, her interest in the welfare of animals has never waned.   Today, Nancy continues to support a number of initiatives such as factory-farming bills that focus on the more humane treatment of animals. She is a strong supporter of the Humane Society of the United States as well as Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Like many who so generously answer pleas that come across local television stations, Nancy responded to a news broadcast about a pig, now Willow-Mia Pig, who was found on the side of Route 495 in Massachusetts in 2012.  After seeing Willow-Mia Pig through to a safe haven, Nancy was inspired by Willow-Mia Pig’s journey and  decided to share it with children.  Her goal is to ensure that both children and adults become more aware of the importance of treating animals with love and kindness. Nancy continues to surround herself with others who “dare to care,” and her contagious enthusiasm has created a tremendous groundswell of support to see that farms be held accountable to certain standards when caring for animals.  Nancy hopes that her story will also inspire you to “dare to care.” 

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